Finding Happiness in your Own Kitchen (Right Here, Right Now)

We are all on a journey of finding happiness in this world.

We try so hard to find happiness in our lives because we know that being happy is our greatest fulfillment as human beings. We work hard to buy that dream car and that cozy, beautiful house. We want to earn as much so that we can go on dream vacations in Europe and in other parts of the world. Sure, we need to work inorder to earn and live. But is the pursuit of material things the ultimate happiness we truly want in life?

In our daily quest for material happiness, some of us cannot help but compare ourselves to our neighbors. We all talk about who has the newest car, the newest gadget, the latest appliances, the best garden view, the best lawn, the best kitchen sink. We keep looking into our neighbor’s backyard that we fail to appreciate our own.

Sometimes we fail to see that we have growing seedlings in our garden that need tending. We never get to see the flowers in full bloom at our lawn because we are busy comparing that our neighbors have a nicer porch.

What do we get from comparing ourselves to others? Jealousy, envy and discontentment. These are the thieves of joy and happiness. When we start thinking of what we lack and think of what others have that we don’t, discontentment creeps in and it ruins our own meaningful flight to happiness in life.

Sometimes in our desire to chase immediate happiness, we forget the true meaning of it all. Happiness is not just having the latest car. It is not just wearing the most expensive clothes. It is not having the highest degrees from the best universities; not even having the best positions in our career.

They say that in this world, it is not the big things, but the small ones that matter most. Truly, the lesser things that we have may give us the biggest happiness in life.

Material things are fleeting. They give us a momentary joy, but as they deteriorate and decline, our happiness attached to these stuff also fades with it.

We can only find true happiness within us. It may be found in our small kitchen; in the aroma of a freshly brewed coffee or in watching the little growing flowers from our kitchen window. Things need not be ostentatious to be appreciated. Enjoy the small moments, the little things, the insignificant ones, even the small bumps in our life.

How to find happiness in life:

  1. Stop comparing yourself to others. Remember that you are unique and that your uniqueness makes you special.
  2. Enjoy the moments with people who matter most. Let go of negative people and stick to the ones who push you up.
  3. Take time to smell the flowers, watch the sunset or to enjoy your cup of coffee. Amidst the hustle and bustle of life, take time to relax and appreciate the small, beautiful things that surround you.
  4. Be easy on yourself and let go of things that are burdensome. Focus on what makes you grow as a person. Let go of burdens and embrace positivity from day to day.
  5. Make time for things that you are passionate about. Discover your potentials by pursuing your passions in life. Don’t be stuck. Grow and live life to the fullest!

May you find true happiness from within, my dear ones. Love and light!